There are many ways to become an active member of the community and contribute to make it stronger. Here are some examples:

Drive the alumni network locally where you live by setting up a local alumni chapter to gather the alumni in that area. You can organize events, arrange knowledge sharing sessions or simply support alumni moving into your area.

Join our Local Alumni Chapter group


Next time you plan to visit your EF Academy school, take the chance to schedule a Mentoring Session with senior students where you can have an open Q&A session about university life or give them career tips.

Join our Mentor’s Group

If you’ve become an expert in your field and you would like to share your knowledge we can help you set up a webinar for the Alumni community as well as our students.  Another option would be to present live at the Alumni reunion that we are planning to organize.

Join our Knowledge Sharing Group


Some graduates have expressed their interest in developing a Charity Project for EF Academy, were us as a community could support a cause or many.  If you have any suggestions on a cause that we could support or you would like to take the initiative in starting a Charity Project join our group today.

Charity Project group

We would like to organize global EF  Academy Alumni reunions.  We need your feedback on which date works best, where to host it and the type of activities that should be part of the agenda.  Join our Alumni Summit group if you would like to be involved in organizing this event.

Alumni Reunion group

You can also help our Admissions Team worldwide by becoming a contact person to share your EF Academy experience with prospect students on a Skype call or at an event in your home country.

Join our Ambassadors group

If any of these activities interest you please send us an email at to get started.

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